Why do we keep playing retro games?

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Why do we keep playing retro games?

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This is something that has been on my mind lately. As a fan of '90s video games, I always go back to the titles of my childhood but why? why do we play retro games? why are we still tied to those consoles and games from so many years ago? Many times we even think that the games from previous years are better than the current ones. Maybe what I will say will be very controversial but this is what has occurred to me about it.

The social influence of video games in history is gigantic, a social impact of such significance that it has become part of pop culture, an industry that attracts more and more fans and followers every day. Despite this, purists argue that the new generations of video games have declined in both narrative and visual art, distancing many admired and despised franchises by a generation gap. In this age we have learned a lot about "Video games are worse now than ever," and why is this so? Well, there are many factors influencing this, but the two most relevant are:

  • Video games considered business and no longer considered art.

In recent years we have seen big companies like EA, Bethesda and even the great Valve deviate from their initial purposes, which introduced them into the video game industry to become money-making machines, yes as you read, these companies listed and many more in recent years have created a bad reputation in the world of video games by wanting to turn their deliveries and services into golden eggs. We all want deep-rooted games that allow us to solve puzzles, replay the level over and over because the boss is very strong and we need to learn the mechanics to defeat him, speak to our friends or other game fans to share knowledge, or simply that when we play a multiplayer game we don't know that if we don't play well or lose we won't win a box or loot.

  • Memories, Feelings and Influence.

There are good and bad memories of all, but the brain is designed to prioritize positive memories, those that can be translated in those moments with friends playing Snes, PlayStation, Atari, or even in the neighborhood store with those tasty Arcade, that did not stop being our social center par excellence, and even many of us carry in our memory moments of video gaming. Those hours we spent in front of the console trying to pass a game, or the feeling of elation when we finally beat a boss after several attempts, are memories and emotions that have made us see video games of the past as incomparable works, placing them in a far higher status than what we would assign to current games, and therefore we must understand that our experience does not necessitate our experience.

These two factors have caused the video games that have been left in the past to not really do anything, causing an increasing number of people to join this retro-loving community, who remember as though it were yesterday the first time they managed to save Princess Peach, when they defeated the Dragon King and reestablished peace in the world of Dragon Quest, when we defeated Sephirot with Cloud in Final Fantasy VII, or when we defeated Sephirot with Cloud in Final Fantasy VIII.

I keep thinking that as time passes, games from recent generations will be called "Retro," and more generations will follow this growing community of people who enjoy retro games and the memories they evoke.
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